social housing

During the last years the demand from individual of being provided with a quality, accessible and sustainable housing has emerged with increasing strength, being the residence one of the pillars upon which quality of life should be built also in terms of social inclusiveness.

The social housing involves a set of housing policies aimed at the creation of high quality housing suitable for rent, and also for sale, at affordable and capped rates; the social housing model is also based on innovative construction technologies, high energy efficiency performance, state of the art equipment and a range of services to residents with a view to promoting social inclusion and cohesion in the community.

Public and private institutions and entities, especially non-profit or limited profit ones, have joined together in these recent years in order to design, experiment and develop real estate initiatives whose features are utmost comfort and new forms of co-operation between residents; these initiatives have been construed to drag in new players such as the social manager who, together with the other functions of the community and condominium, the property and facility managers, has therefore created new social housing models.

The professionals of emlex have been in the front line for years, assisting the most important investors in the sector who have as a purpose the investment of their capital, resources and efforts in the development of social and smart housing solutions, with a view to supporting and assisting them in all the phases of complex social housing projects; our professionals offer full assistance ranging from the relationship with the institutions to the development of the building concept and the construction phase, and to the management of the real estate projects after their construction, as well as with the relationship with the residents.


Eva Maschietto


Alex Fauster


Luigi Gasparrelli

junior associate