product compliance

No business can fail to meet its obligations and responsibilities to ensure compliance with the numerous applicable regulations, commonly known as “product compliance”.

Although with diverse facets, every undertaking must understand the requirements necessary to lawfully produce, import and market products and needs the support of qualified legal specialists to operate safely.

In the development of any product, it is imperative to know the rules applicable to production, certification, import, distribution, marketing and proper communication. These standards involve safety requirements, labelling and information to be provided to consumers and users, the possible presence of hazardous substances, proper disposal and, in general, anything related to product conformity and require in-depth legal analysis that permits to take into account the variables characterizing each type of product.

The experience developed over the years and the continuous training on standards and regulations allows the emlex team to effectively and promptly support clients operating in many different sectors, from medical devices to toys, from consumer electronics to clothing, to farming products and many others.

The firm assists clients both in the design and launch of products and in any recall campaigns, and generally offers support in managing relations with the relevant authorities.


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