media and audiovisual productions

Creativity, in the forms of expression allowed by new media, has very specific legal connotations of which one must be aware. For this reason, assistance in the production of audio-visual products requires the ability to combine experiences from various fields of the law.

emlex assists both authors individually and audio-video production companies, as well as those intending to exploit their works, in all legal matters connected to the creation and subsequent distribution of the products.

The complex contractual structures required, and the specific legal issues involved in the exploitation of works through new media, are part of the firm’s extensive and articulated experience.

With regard to the production of audiovisual works and film industry, the firm assists its clients both in the acquisition/granting of rights over the storyline or the script, and in the drafting of co-production contracts, including international ones, and also in the subsequent phases of executive production.

emlex’s professionals, thanks to the diversified experience gathered by standing by their clients, have specific expertise in the evaluation the legitimacy of documentary works, before their diffusion, to check them against possible third parties’ claims for violation of their rights, in particular for defamation, taking into account the freedom of speech and of the press, as well as the protection of people’s image.


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