Massimo Maggiore


Law degree at the Catholic University of Milan and LL.M in Technology, Media and Communications LLM at Queen Mary University of London.

Massimo is co-founding partner, together with Eva, of emlex, of which he heads the intellectual property/information technology and competition department. He is academic fellow of Milan’s Bocconi University as contract professor of Legal Issues in marketing, lecturing on trademark law, merchandising contracts and the responsibility of internet service providers for the infringement of IP rights.

Massimo also occasionally lectures at the same University’s LL.M in law of internet technology and on cyber security law. Massimo also regularly serves as contract professor at the Milano Fashion Institute’s master on fashion law and other courses. He is the author of several publications and a frequent speaker at conferences in Italy and abroad on intellectual property, information technology and unfair commercial practices in the food supply chain.

practice areas

competition and commercial practices

Healthy competition is the engine of the market economy, but the law sets limits to prevent unfair practices and protect the freedom of doing business and business processes. Knowing and mastering them is essential for entrepreneurs.


 litigation and arbitration

Litigating a case is not always the best course of action, even when the conflict is so that it appears difficult to reach a compromise. However, when it is necessary to bring a matter to court, the lawyers of emlex are ready to assist their clients in proceedings in all instances, before Italian and European Union courts


commercial contracts

The contract is an evolved instrument of law at the service of the market and society. Making clients aware of the limits that the law imposes on contractual freedom and helping them achieve their real goals is the added value of the assistance provided by the firm.


information technology and e-commerce

Legal assistance in the field of information technology requires careful knowledge by the lawyer of the peculiarities, even technical, that accessing digital technologies involves. emlex professionals have the training, experience and specialized professional qualities to assist companies in such a complex and diverse sector.


media and audiovisual productions

Creativity, in the forms of expression allowed by new media, has very specific legal connotations of which one must be aware. For this reason, assistance in the production of audio-visual products requires the ability to combine experiences from various fields of the law.


intellectual property

Trademarks, patents, trade secrets, industrial designs, copyright, geographical indications and creative works are the engine of innovation.

Businesses from any sector need to protect their intellectual property, as it guarantees the adequate appreciation of creativity, research and development, for trademarks and the specificities of production. Intellectual property also works as incentive to improvement, for people and for society at large.


data protection and cybersecurity

The protection of personal data and cybersecurity are strongholds of citizens’ freedoms and rights and, at the same time, raise issues that pertain to the day-by-day business operations. A rigorous approach to data protection and information asset security must be made part of standard business procedures.



Communication and promotion are fundamental aspects for the marketing of companies crowning the efforts of product and service development and rewarding the efforts of gaining a deep knowledge of the target audience.