life science

Science applied to technology for the development of pharmaceutical, biotechnological, health related solutions goes hand-in-hand with the safety of products and devices, that represent a fundamental aspect and the main goal to put the benefits to good use.

In this sector, private interests and individual health are intertwined and are governed by complex and rigorous norms that protect, on the one hand, big investments and, on the other hand, the public interest.

Obtaining a vaccine, making an ultrasound, developing a new drug require huge efforts and years of research. The results, even before being protected as industrial property rights, must be validated by the scientific community, ethics committees, by independent authorities and must obtain authorizations and certifications that make industrial production possible.

Any new solution must be developed with in mind the most rigorous and constant respect of the minimum security requirements.

The involvement of experts, quite often employees of public entities, in research projects, experimentation and conferences, requires that authorizations and special permits be released, subject to compliance with both laws and regulations and with strict ethical principles.

In this, as well as in handful of other sectors, due care in the collection, elaboration and retention of data concerning intimate aspects of individuals’ personal life is essential for the purposes of a business’ activity. It is likewise essential for the life sciences sector to familiarize with and abide by the rules applicable to national and international public tender procedures for the supply of products and services to public organizations and entities.


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