intellectual property

Trademarks, patents, trade secrets, industrial designs, copyright, geographical indications and creative works are the engine of innovation.

Businesses from any sector need to protect their intellectual property, as it guarantees the adequate appreciation of creativity, research and development, for trademarks and the specificities of production. Intellectual property also works as incentive to improvement, for people and for society at large.

Without effective protection of intellectual and industrial property rights, no individual, company or market would evolve, because there would be no interest in investing in new discoveries, new products, new distinctive signs, new platforms. As markets evolve and innovative products and services are offered, unprecedented legal issues arise in connection with the protection and exploitation of new expressions of the intellect and of the industry.

emlex, with its highly specialized team, aims to respond promptly to the ever-changing demands and needs of clients who are in need of defending, maintaining and exploiting their intangible assets to their best. The firm provides assistance from the moment of conception and development of new intellectual property, to its best possible exploitation on the market, as well as in the event of violation, bringing the appropriate defences or claims before all competent judicial and administrative authorities.


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