Intellectual property and information technology

Innovation. A simple word for a timeless concept, the child of curiosity and knowledge, capable of evoking the idea of progress and well-being.  

There is no entrepreneur – regardless of size, business sector or geographical location – who is not fully aware of the role that progress and innovation play in the global economy and the competitive advantage they can offer a company.  

The spotlight is always on the research and development of new intangible assets: new products, models, production processes, tools, know-how, works and even distinctive signs allow companies to aspire to a leading position in the market.  

At the same time, with the advent of the information society and the knowledge economy, it has become clear and evident that a company’s competitiveness increasingly depends on its ability to make the most efficient and effective use of the cutting edge technologies for managing data and information (IT infrastructures, cloud architectures, e-commerce solutions). 

Thus, the modern entrepreneur is faced with a twofold need. On the one hand, to obtain adequate protection for their intangible resources and to regulate their circulation through appropriate and effective negotiation structures. On the other hand, that all information technology tools used for collecting, storing, circulating and transforming data and information are based on maximum security and efficiency.  

This is where intellectual property law and information technology law come into play. This is where the legal system encounters innovation and with it a new challenge and new perspectives for evolution: an already consolidated discipline is flanked by new aspects and areas of uncertain regulation.  

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