HSE compliance

Governance and management of any company inevitably requires the enterprises to be provided with adequate organisational systems and tools to ensure the health and safety of workers at any stage.

Regulatory compliance in the occupational health and safety matters is strict, and the employer knows well how difficult, but necessary, is to add to the requirements also an efficient practical management of HSE compliance.

The HSE in-house manager or responsible is a crucial figure in the organisation regardless of the type of industry: the HSE figure needs to govern risk assessment in full to be able to correctly assess the related needs and to provide the proper measures to ensure health and safety in the workplace: competence, financial resources, independence and ownership of the HSE matters is a given with a view to ensuring that the health and safety in the workplace is effectively protected.

Our professionals have always been working alongside leading national and international companies to ensure the prompt and correct implementation of the most appropriate models for the allocation of functions and the balancing of liability for health and safety with regard to the  specific business.


Eva Maschietto


Luigi Gasparrelli

junior associate