A flagship and a significant driver for the Italian economy, the fashion sector not only calls for the protection of the designers’ creativity and the exploitation of names, images and trademarks, but also for the application of rules on on-line and off-line distribution and on the handling of the relationships with the end customers and the processing of their data.

The professionals of emlex have long been on the frontline of this legal sector, of which they are reputed experts.

Fashion, like few others, is a sector in constant change. The law often intervenes to govern phenomena that have spontaneously affirmed themselves and consolidated on the market, in order to remedy them.

At the end of last century, franchising and brand extension through the heavy exploitation of trademark licenses in sectors other than clothing were a new frontier to explore, in order to make the presence of fashion houses more capillary in shopping streets around the world.

The new millennium has revolutionized the sector with the advent of e-commerce; manufacturers have often times become distance retailers and have acquired direct contact with the end customer

It is therefore necessary to realize e-commerce websites that provide information about products and sales terms, easily accessible to users, that are not restricted by territorial boundaries, and to correctly govern the flow of payments. Even more, it is necessary to have the competence to discipline the processing of the personal data of consumers that tirelessly interface with fashion houses.

Fashion is invention, creation of works and models, it is image and exploitation of style and icons, it is furthermore advertising avantgarde and is exposed to passing-off, infringement of intellectual property rights and unfair competition that may create confusion in the target consumers and tarnish the reputation gained through years of investments, research and development.

We support clients, whatever their role in the fashion supply chain, to adopt any safeguard to safely develop their business and in compliance with consumer laws and the laws protecting other players on the market.


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