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cloud computing

For many years the professionals of emlex’s IT department have been assisting some of the main cloud service providers. In time, the firm has also developed specific expertise on the legal issues concerning data centres and their management.




A flagship and a significant driver for the Italian economy, the fashion sector not only calls for the protection of the designers’ creativity and the exploitation of names, images and trademarks, but also for the application of rules on on-line and off-line distribution and on the handling of the relationships with the end customers and the processing of their data.



life science

Science applied to technology for the development of pharmaceutical, biotechnological, health related solutions goes hand-in-hand with the safety of products and devices, that represent a fundamental aspect and the main goal to put the benefits to good use.



social housing

During the last years the demand from individual of being provided with a quality, accessible and sustainable housing has emerged with increasing strength, being the residence one of the pillars upon which quality of life should be built also in terms of social inclusiveness.



circular economy

The twenty-first century society we live in is more than ever marked by human activities that entail the consume of huge amounts of natural resources and the production of emissions and waste that are detrimental for the environment.



HSE compliance

Governance and management of any company inevitably requires the enterprises to be provided with adequate organisational systems and tools to ensure the health and safety of workers at any stage.



fast moving consumer goods

Manufacturers, retailers consumers: the entire chain of the fast moving consumer goods (food and non food) comprises a number of stakeholders. In this sector, characterized by stringent regulations, emlex assists its clients, by helping them navigate the legal complexity, designed to balance opposing interests and safeguard rights, in particular those against the abuse of contractual power.



consumer electronics

This the smart sector par excellence, in which inventions, trade secrets, personal data processing combine with significant promotional investments in order to prevail in a hyper-competitive and ever evolving market and to develop safe products, that become part of consumers’ daily habits around the world and end up radically changing them.




Known to the general public thanks to the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, characterized as it is by a shared and immutable data structure lends itself to a potentially unlimited number of uses and continuously offers opportunities for innovation to businesses.



urban regeneration

The issues of the consumption of the soil and the lack of available resources not only do concern the environment but are crucial in the urban planning design with regard to the need to regenerate the soil by remedying urban deterioration.



climate change

The issues raised by climate change with its devastating impacts on life, health and well-being of humans as well as of ecosystems are visible to anyone. As a result of the global initiatives with regard to this matter, both citizens and businesses are experiencing concrete and immediate issues to which general regulations are seeking remedies and solutions.