data protection cybersecurity

The protection of personal data and cybersecurity are strongholds of citizens’ freedoms and rights and, at the same time, raise issues that pertain to the day-by-day business operations. A rigorous approach to data protection and information asset security must be made part of standard business procedures.

emlex’s data protection team is qualified, also thanks to the academic activity of its professionals, dynamic and always aware of the interdisciplinary nature of the issues, which requires knowledge of business organization, risk management, trade, consumer protection and new technologies.

Compliance programs, training, consulting, taking over of data protection role and assistance in litigation, before civil and administrative courts, risk assessment, are just some of the services offered by emlex in this field.

The working group has been able to develop a distinguished knowledge of data protection and cybersecurity issues thanks to the experience gained with its national and international clientele which includes, alongside consumer-oriented commercial companies, asset management companies and other financial operators, medical and scientific research institutes, groups active in the media, technology, personal financial risk analysis, real estate and non-profit organizations.


Massimo Maggiore


Aurelio Assenza


Giulio Monga


Lara La Loggia

junior associate