Fast moving consumer goods

Manufacturers, retailers consumers: the entire chain of the fast moving consumer goods (food and non food) comprises a number of stakeholders. In this sector, characterized by stringent regulations, emlex assists its clients, by helping them navigate the legal complexity, designed to balance opposing interests and safeguard rights, in particular those against the abuse of contractual power.

Manufacturers have the duty to comply with specific and detailed rules to produce and supply products that are of adequate quality, safe and responsive to ever changing market needs.

Attentive to competition, research and development of innovative solutions for their customers, manufacturers strongly feel the need to protect their investments, both against the violation of their brand, as well as against unfair or parasitical competition and unfair commercial practices to their detriment.

Retailers on their side play the fundamental role of bridging the distance between consumers and manufacturers, interested in competing according to clear competition rules, in order to stand-out and win the role of best in class.

They are also in charge of enriching the product range, for the best price, and make them available at modern and well equipped points of sale, that may work as sales enhancers.

Finally consumers are interested in obtaining clear and intelligible information on the product origin, on their provenance, on their quality and the offers that are made by retailers and manufacturers.


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