consumer electronics

This the smart sector par excellence, in which inventions, trade secrets, personal data processing combine with significant promotional investments in order to prevail in a hyper-competitive and ever evolving market and to develop safe products, that become part of consumers’ daily habits around the world and end up radically changing them.

Consumer electronics are indispensable products of the contemporary society, they improve everyone’s life and make it possible to access and share information among interconnected users.

A player on the consumer electronics market, in order to face the numerous competition challenges, keep the pace of technological innovation and the mutable needs of market demand, must know consumers and users, correctly process their data, obtain information that are useful to develop newer, faster, easier to use and more efficient products. It is above all in need of effective legal tools to protect its proprietary know-how, its inventions and patentable solutions.

A product success reflects upon the brand’s effectiveness and, in legal terms, on the trademark reputation that should be protected for its intrinsic value and its capacity to attract and build consumers’ loyalty, by turning the brand into an autonomous vector of selling power.

A reputed brand permits celebrities to be involved in marketing campaigns, as testimonials or  influencers and to have the opportunity to enter into sponsorship agreements with organizers of events and entities of great appeal for the general public.

Entrepreneurial efforts, however, will be frustrated if products turn out to be unsafe or not compliant with the requirements of the law or yet if manufacturers do not conform with environmental laws, those concenring energy efficiency and the appropriate treatment, recycling and disposal of waste.

The whole sector requires competent and punctual legal support, that emlex provides to the satisfaction of a number of customers, recognized both among market leaders as well as among the brightest rising stars.


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