competition and commercial practices

Healthy competition is the engine of the market economy, but the law sets limits to prevent unfair practices and protect the freedom of doing business and business processes. Knowing and mastering them is essential for entrepreneurs.

In the absence of rules protecting competition, adverse consequences would affect products’ and services’ pricing, their quality and quantity, the survival and competitive capacity of businesses and ultimately customers’ choice.

The professionals of emlex have consolidated and refined their knowledge of competition law, with respect to restrictive agreements, abuses of dominant position and merger control.

The firm has gained specific expertise on vertical agreements between parties – such as manufacturers and distributors – that are placed at different levels of the supply chain, as well as on antitrust issues relating to distribution in general and selective distribution in particular.

Thanks to the experience of its professionals, emlex is among the leaders in Italy in assisting companies in the agri-food sector with regard to unfair trading practices in business-to-business relationships. The firm has in fact contributed, since 2012, as a consultant to numerous institutional initiatives for the development of the regulatory framework in this sector.

The services offered by the firm in this sector include contractual advice, antitrust analysis of horizontal or vertical cooperation agreements, assistance in the context of claims for damages arising from antitrust violations and assistance in proceedings before regulatory authorities.


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