cloud computing

For many years the professionals of emlex’s IT department have been assisting some of the main cloud service providers. In time, the firm has also developed specific expertise on the legal issues concerning data centres and their management.

The two sectors concerned, maybe more than others, require a holistic approach to legal counselling, capable of combining different areas of law, but also of conjugating them having regard to the operational and business specificities that become of relevance from time to time.

Dealing with cloud computing or data centres requires awareness of the correct legal qualification of service agreements, by avoiding the mechanical application of contractual schemes that belong to traditional contractual types (such as IT outsourcing), most often unsuitable.

It also means being able to identify the specific type of cloud service at stake (SaaS, PaaS or IaaS), with respect to each individual relationship, and from there fine-tune the application of the diverse legal principles, concerning the responsibility of the service provider and of the user.

The mastery of intellectual property law, one of emlex’s main fields of practice, as well as of the data protection legal framework and of the laws concerning health and safety at the work-place and the certification of electronic and electric components complete the picture for the efficient assistance to clients.


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