and extended producer responsibility

circular economy

The twenty-first century society we live in is more than ever marked by human activities that entail the consume of huge amounts of natural resources and the production of emissions and waste that are detrimental for the environment.

In this respect, the transition from linear to circular economy is no longer a dream or a target, but an actual and pressing need.

By means of reusing, repairing, reconditioning, recycling products, components and materials, circular economy holds resources in the use cycle for as long as possible, thus extending the life cycle of products and reducing waste production to an objective of zero waste.

End-of-life management (EPR) extended producer responsibility regimes are now a matter that affect all the industries.

The professionals of emlex with their unique experience in one of the first EPR regimes are dedicated to assist all the players in the supply chain to face the new challenges this sector involves.


Eva Maschietto


Andrea Gallarini

senior associate

Raffaele Granata

senior associate