Known to the general public thanks to the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, characterized as it is by a shared and immutable data structure lends itself to a potentially unlimited number of uses and continuously offers opportunities for innovation to businesses.

The blockchain phenomenon in its numerous applications is of interest for large number of operators, representing a growing portion of the market and of the business world.

The security of the existence of a record at a given point in time, the certainty of exchanges and the reliability of records enabled by the blockchain technology make its application of use in practically all business sectors.

As it is often the case in those fields characterized by high technological content, however, also the blockchain evolves very rapidly, if compared with the capacity of the sector’s national and European regulation to keep pace.

Those using or intending to use the blockchain quite often find themselves operating in a context of normative vacuum and absolute uncertainty as to the applicable rules. This gives rise to the need to understand with clarity the limits within which it is possible to operate.

Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of this sector, where legal competence federates with familiarity with the technical aspects underlying the blockchain phenomenon, emlex provides targeted and global assistance to clients intending to adapt their business model to the potential of the blockchain protocol, for activities such as the conclusion of contracts, the protection of intellectual property rights, the certification of documents and much more.


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