emlex law firm comes to life





the new brand of Eva Maschietto and Massimo Maggiore

Bound by a long lasting common professional experience, first in an international law firm, and then in a boutique firm founded by themselves, Eva Maschietto and Massimo Maggiore, together with the partners Aurelio Assenza and Alex Fauster, and 15 other professionals launch their new brand with a strong personal footprint, in which the initials of their first names have been merged: emlex.

The firm has been conceived with in mind the necessity to provide services even more responding to the needs of businesses, in particular the most innovative and highly technological ones, and the need to give a personal touch to legal advice.

«It was time for a change», says Eva Maschietto. «Over the past year, we developed the idea to create a new entity, grounded in the cohesion of the group and in the understanding of the real needs of our clients and colleagues. The unbearable physical distance, imposed by the unprecedented circumstances in which we found ourselves, made us truly appreciate the importance of having shared values, as well as emotional and intellectual like-mindedness. We want to go back to a conception of a lawyer’s profession as a less individualistic experience, brought back to the social mission that characterises it».

«Our commitment – adds Massimo Maggiore– – has always been that of running a firm characterised by a flexible and still robust structure, modular and contemporary, prepared to face the demand for interdisciplinary and ever-evolving legal services, while at the same time being built on strong legal and technical pillars, solid and structured, as also testified by our involvement with the academy».

Our clients themselves have inspired our choice to embrace new matters, that resulted in new investments, in terms of IT infrastructures and cybersecurity, people’s well-being, education and professional training.

Professionals at emlex work with companies whose activities are focused on innovation, development and the deployment of new technologies, as well as the environment, cybersecurity and cloud computing. Other clients, then, develop projects relating to social housing, smart cities and benefit companies. Hence, the idea of a firm with sustainability as one of its core values, and the resolve to launch a new brand.

«Our clients appreciated our idea––confirms Massimo Maggiore––and supported our choice to become a smart law firm, meaning agile and willing to make the most out of ubiquitous computing, reaping the benefits of its innovative and informal aspects, that can enhance, and not penalise, lawyers’ performance. To properly describe this venture, we chose the slogan «we are new, again», inspired by the title of Makaya McCraven’s 2020 album, realised by simply adding a new rhythmic line to the voice of Gill-Scott Heron recorded ten years ago in I’m new here.

This is a good metaphor of what emlex’s founders are seeking to do: be new again, by getting the most out of the experience they have shared for over 13 years, enriching it by creating a state-of-the-art law firm, which distinguishes itself for its unique style.